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I'm Andre Lam

Liberty to me means doing anything I want, anytime I want with whomever I want.  To truly be a human being through taking creative risks as to experience life fully and lead and serve people from the heart.  I am passionate about becoming my best version and helping others do the same for their reasons. Let’s achieve liberty together.

So how does one achieve liberty? What does that even mean and where do I start? I start by taking a risk on myself. The words “risk-taker” may sound daunting but approaching someone to just talk is a risk in itself. Yes, there’s a chance of failing, (that’s why it’s a risk), but people don’t think about its EQUAL opportunity to succeed.

Liberty comes from the accumulation of calculated risks and finding success through your failures. Doing the smallest of things to get you moving forward will allow you to build a lifestyle that you enjoy, share it with others, and build a legacy along the way.

In my journey, I have come across successful individuals from all walks of life - from the non-profit industry to C-suite level executives of various industries. In conversations, constant connecting,  failures, successes, and my experiences as an entrepreneur, I have gained a sea of knowledge to allow myself to grow and adapt to be present, and live my best life. This is my vision for you.

If you’re here because you want a mind shift and don’t know where to start... I can relate, and I congratulate you! Everything starts with awareness. I’d love to listen to what you want to talk about and we can navigate together on where to go.



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