Our Vision

To raise the consciousness of humanity through self-empowerment.

Our Mission

To become our best selves by leading self through continuous personal transformation.

Alchemy Elements

Transformation Mondays

You get to learn, apply and reflect on a chosen topic.

Mastermind Wednesdays

You get to engage in conversations about any topic important to the group.

Study Fridays

You get to read, reflect and share on esoteric concepts.

Monthly Gatherings

You get to experience your embodied masculine energy.

What Men Are Saying


Bronson Padmore

Being around men that want to better themselves helped me through a tough time.

Dominic Hall

I look forward to our weekly mastermind because I gain so much from others' perspectives and insights.

Joel Bosch

The content is fresh and new each week. I'm a husband and father of four so this saves me time and energy to curate it.

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Grow with us.

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